Sunday, April 7, 2013

Team Sparty Flipped PD

We Are Group Sparty, our group consisted of four classmates with a variety of educational experiences.  We created a Flipped Professional Development by demonstrating the use of the App “Confer”.  The Confer App is an application that is used with any Apple product, primarily the I-Pad, I-Phone and I-Pod touch.  The Confer App is a data-collecting app that makes data collecting, organizing and analyzing data quick and easy.   Data Collecting and analyzing has never been more valuable in education today. Data connects the teacher and administrator to their students and their learning, pushing them to high levels of reflection on their practice.  Data also encourages dialogue with colleagues, students, and parents.  Unfortunately, most teachers do not share this view of data as a resource that helps them teach better.  Data collecting is time consuming and at times threatening to us.  That is why using the Confer App is so nice, it’s user friendly, quick an easy! 

Below you will find the embedded presentation, which was created in Google Drive and then uploaded to Camtasia to create the final presentation.  This video is just over 15 minutes and very informative.  From my perspective as an administrator 15 minutes is a nice amount of time to do a PD presentation leaving time to have discussion and questions.  Having the PD in a Google document and shared with everyone allows for anyone to review at their pace at a later time.  Also, included will be the script used for the video for you to follow along or go back and review.  Another option is by checking out the website  

Directly below is the script used to create the Confer video:

Here is the Flipped PD on Confer:

To get the most out of our PD we have a survey to be completed after your Flipped PD session on the Confer App.  Having a survey will provide us with data on areas that our staff needs further support or clarification on when using the Confer App. 

Here is the link to the survey: 

I hope you find this Flipped PD on the Confer App useful.  At Saline Middle School we are continuously looking at data and working on improving our students.   I know that I will be using the Confer Flipped PD presentation will my staff in an upcoming professional development meeting.  

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