Sunday, April 14, 2013

Raft’s Wicked Survey Results

This assignment was a two-folded assignment.  One it was to gather data on our Wicked Problem, two it was a chance to explore and learn more about using different technologies to give a survey.  It actually was beneficial to me on both accounts. 

As far as my experience creating a survey I used Google form.  Google form is an excellent tool to use to create survey’s.  For one it is a web-based program that can be shared with anyone easily.  It also has many different appearences that make a survey look professional.  But, what I most like about Google form survey’s is that you can easily summarize the data that is being collected.   After collecting your data you simply go to "form" and select "show summary of responses" this creates your data in a viewable chart that is easy to read.   Not to mention your are able to format your survey to multiple choice, yes/no, open-ended, etc… questions.    Google continues to make using their tools user friendly for all levels of technology knowledge. 

As far as my survey, I created a three-question survey.  I shared it with my entire staff at Saline Middle School and also opened it to my MAET and Twitter friends.   The survey was directly related to my Wicked Problem, which I have posted previously.  Quick recap…does our schedule of 69 minute classes provide us enough time to meet all the differentiated needs of our students?   I asked only three questions and they were all multiple-choice.   Basically, I wanted to gather quick data and get directly to the point.  I had a great response with 73 people actually taking the survey.  This actually provided me with good data. 

My first question was more or less to get a feel for how people learn.  I asked, to learn how a computer works, would you rather?  Then I provided them four responses.  Watch a movie about it, Listen to someone explain it, Take the computer apart and try to figure it out for yourself and It’s magic I will never figure it out. The first two responses were the most popular. 

Then my second question directly related to the daily schedule we use here at SMS. As an educator do you feel 69 minutes is sufficient enough time to teach a lesson and meet the differentiated learning of all students? 69 minutes is not enough time, 69 minutes is an adequate amount of time, There is not a given amount of time that could meet all their needs.  Most people responded that they felt that 69 minutes was a sufficient amount of time. 

Finally, my last question related to how comfortable each person was using technology to record themselves teaching a lesson and then providing it on their teacher page for students to reference at anytime. Would you be willing to create a podcast of your lesson and upload it to your weebly or moodle site for your students to view?  They were provided three responses.  Yes…this would a good tool for blended learning, I don’t know what I am doing, but if I did I would and No Way!  The most supported choice was, yes they felt it was a good tool for blended learning. 

Below are two links.  The first link is the actually survey and how it appeared to those who took the survey and the second link is the actual results. 

Let me summarize my experience.  Using Google form to create a survey was simple and user friendly to create survey results and data to be shared with anyone.   As part of our School Improvement plan we are preparing to collect data with our families at Saline Middle School on climate.  I will be using a Google form survey to collect our data for our plan. 

As far as my Wicked Problem survey the results clearly reflect that people learn differently.  Also, there is a need to provide more education on the use of technology to deliver lessons.  Overall, this will benefit meeting the different needs of students and provide meeting their individual needs. 

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