Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Raft's Professional Learning Plan

In developing my Professional Learning Plan I decided to use a Weebly site.   I found that this would be a nice tool to use and would enable me to update and add to easily.  In my Weebly you will find my goals for Saline Middle School, Saline Area Schools and my personal goals relating to technology integration.  I also included a networking page that will allow me to have all of my sites in one location.  Being able to share my Weebly site with whomever I wish is an added feature. 

Developing my Professional Learning Plan is just another example of the valuable projects that CEP 812 has provided me.  All of my experiences in the MAET classes have been valuable, but during this class I have been pushed to a higher level of thinking.  Plus, I have had the chance to learn practical skills that will help me in my day-to-day work.  My favorite was learning to use Google Hangout.  I have used Google Hangout in my daily work, such as meetings that otherwise would require me to leave the building.  This was an experience that was well received by my colleagues as well.  The second item was my expanded use of Evernote.   During the entire Wicked Problem, using Evernote as a tool rather than a checklist made the project more manageable.  Being able to bounce between my computer, I-pad and I-phone with information at any given point helped me document my project at any moment.  A lot of great learning happened during this class and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge during the MAET Summer Cohort. 

My new goals for the middle school staff and students will help to create educational technology within all classrooms.  More importantly, having the staff share their creations with each other during school-wide professional development will be a huge benefit to all.  To reach my goals I have discovered that I need to become a tech specialist so that staff can come to me for support. 

After completing three courses within the MAET program I see that there is much more to learn.  My short-term goal of being accepted into the MAET program has been achieved!   As for my long-term goal, I will continue to work on earning my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology; however, I am getting closer!    

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