Sunday, April 14, 2013

Data Visualization

Wow, what a great lab this week in my MAET class CEP 812.  Our lab was to explore the many different Visualization forums that are available.  Exploring the many links that Karl Gude has put together for us to use, as a resource is great.  Check out his Wiki as

I personally explored many of his links, but focused on a few that would be useful at the middle level.  I plan on using these forums in my own day-to-day work as we gather and present data gathered here at SMS.

When looking at a tool that I could share out data and putting into a form that is useful and user friendly I liked the link High Charts High Charts provides over 50 different ways you can share out data results.  You can import and export your data, show it in pie, line, stacked column, bubbles, polar and many more.  Actually, it is a little overwhelming but really cool to explore.  We continue to breakdown our local assessments, MEAP results and our Explore results.  This tool will be greatly used to share with staff and parents.

Another data visualization website was Pixton – A World of Comics Made by You I found this to be age appropriate at the middle school and could be used to create educational comic strips for any subject.  The teachers could use this to teach lessons or emphasis a specific topic.  The students could be assigned a project having them create a comic strip as a final presentation.  This would be great for all and is a nice way to integrate technology into the classroom. 

I actually created my visualization by using My Choice - Makes Beliefs this was an easy and fun way to create a message.  It was simple to create and could be used in many different educational settings.  Mine is a three-slide comic strip reminding our students about our BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) motto.  Stop – Think – Connect before you post or send anything into the cyber world.  This was a nice tool that creates a link that can be shared immediately to others, Facebook and Twitter. 

Check out my link: Comic Strip

My Ah-ha moment was when reviewing the many links that Karl Gude has on his wiki site how useful his site was.  The site just provided another example of how much useful technology is available to use as an educator.  Plus, how fun it is to explore and play around with these sites.  My plan is to share this site with our middle school staff and walk them through a few examples that would be valuable tools to use within their classroom.  

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