Sunday, March 31, 2013

Storyboard and Scrip for Flipped PD

Our Flipped PD will be demonstrating the use of the Confer app.  The more I learn about the app the more I realize it is a great tool to measure data.  Whether you are a teacher or an administrator this app will be useful.  We have prepared a Google document for our storyboard and our script.  We decided to use Google documents so that our entire group would be able to access and contribute to the documents.  Our final presentation will be uploaded into a video via Camtasia.

Each member of the group had a responsibility in creating our final product.  Lindsay who has first hand experience using the Confer App will be working on the actual script for the final product.  Each member has the responsibility to download the Confer APP from the apple store and start to explore its contents.  This will provide each of us an opportunity to learn Confer first hand.  Sarah and Jason were tasked with the building and creating of the actual storyboard via Google Presentation.  We all have experience with this method of presentation and found it a good way to build our storyboard and easily share it with everyone.

I was tasked with the putting the Storyboard and Script into its final product by using Camtasia.  Over the last couple months I have had the opportunity to explore and learn how to create documents in Camtasia.  I find the use of Camtasia an excellant tool to use for many deliveries methods.  I have actually giving short tutorials to my staff on how to use Camtasia as a tool to delivery their content and share with their students.  I especially encourage using this tool as a method to develop substitute lessons.  What a great way to explain to their students the days lessons when they cannot be there.  

Please click on the two links below to explore our progress with our storyboard and script.  


The Flipped PD process has been valuable to this point.  Our Google Hangout which lasted for over an hour was useful and we were able to layout our steps for the final presentation.  We did have a follow-up Google Hangout on Tuesday to check-in and make sure we were ready for our final product.

It is my plan to use this Flipped PD with the staff at Saline Middle School once we have completed the process.   Being able to actually use what we create during CEP 812 is a bonus that my colleagues can benefit from as well.

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