Sunday, March 10, 2013

Final CEP 811 Reflection

1.     What are some things that you have learned about effective teaching strategies when integrating technology?

CEP 811 has been one of the most valuable classes I have taken.  As the building principal creating lesson plans haven’t always been my main focus.  However, during this class being exposed to the many uses of technology has opened my eyes to what is available as effective teaching methods.  Using the UDL as a direct way to guide your lessons.  With so many diverse learning styles and in most cases only one teacher delivering the content, using the UDL practice can help to have a sound lesson plan.  Also, I really appreciated the StAIR assignment, which showed me that there are many creative ways to present a topic.  I was able to tie this into a staff meeting and expose the middle school teachers to think outside the box in their delivery of the content. 

2.     How did integrating web-based technologies help you think about and evaluate uses of technology?

There is just so much out there that can make learning fun and creative.  That is my main purpose for pursuing my MAET degree.  As the building leader it is my job to continue support and guidance in learning new methods for our teachers.  Seeing first hand, how integrating technology can impact the learning for our students is invaluable.  It is apparent that our teachers need to be more creative and many are exploring new methods.  We no longer can just do a PowerPoint, keynote, YouTube video or other simple forms of technology.  More importantly creating StAIR lessons, WebQuests and tying multiple technologies into a best practice lesson. 

3.     How have you met your own personal goals for learning about technology integration?

I would say I have learned a lot during this course and at this time my goals continue to grow.   However, I continue to seek more information that can make student learning more valuable.    What I am finding is there is so much more I want to gain from technology education. 

4.     Do you have any new goals? What are your plans for reaching your new goals and your long-term goals after this course is over?

I have new goals for the middle school staff and students, which is to create educational technology within all classrooms.  More importantly, having the staff share their creations with each other during school-wide professional development.  For myself reaching my new goals I need to become a tech specialist that staff come to for support.  For this to be possible I need to continue my learning about educational technology.  After completing two courses within the MAET program I see that there is much more to learn.  Long-term goal is to gain entrance into the MAET program and earn my Master’s degree in Educational Technology.   

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